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Eva van der Veer | March 26, 2019 |Blogpost | 1000 comments

Introducing…Eva van der Veer

Eva van der Veer is a student at Landstede Zwolle. She studies ‘mediaredactiemedewerker’. Besides school, things she likes to do include playing soccer, singing and playing the guitar. 

A thing Eva really loves to do is to travel. “It’s all about discovering new countries, new cultures and new people. Everywhere you’ll go, you will be surprised by how different and unique every place is.” 

At the age of seventeen years, Eva has seen pretty much countries. But with time, she hopes the list will extend and extend. That’s also one of the reasons why she chooses the study mediaredactiemedewerker. It’s a job which, if you want, you can travel the world with. And that is definitely a thing Eva dreams of. “How amazing would it be, if you could combine your work and your passion for travelling? Pretty amazing, yes.” 


  • Brazil: A couple of years ago, me and my family made a road trip through the biggest country of South-America, Brazil. We started in Jaguariúna and travelled all the way to Rio de Janeiro. We visited dreamy locations, as Ilhabela, where you are surrounded by water, the beach and palm trees but we also saw the other side of Brazil: the slums, the damaged houses and the neglected children. It was eye-opening to see the contrast between poor and rich. 
  • Greece:Two years ago, I visited the Island Crete with my mother and my brother. We flew from Amsterdam to the airport in the capital of Greece, Heraklion. We then drove to Hersonissos, where our hotel was. Our hotel was based in the middle of the main street, so we had everything we needed nearby. The distinctive blue-white houses you heard of are everywhere you look. Crete is a beautiful island, and I hope to go there again some time.
  • Spain:Last year I went to Barcelona. I stayed there for a week. Barcelona is all about art. Everywhere you look are street art and the streets are filled with beautiful sculptures, made by talented artists. The food in Barcelona is amazing. There is a tapas bar on the corner of almost every street. I recommend Barcelona to every traveller who likes culture, football and the night clubs.


  • Storage: When you travel to the most beautiful places on earth, you don’t want to get a notification that you have to clear your device in order to take a photo. That elephant is not standing on the road forever, you don’t have time to delete pictures and apps!
  • Water:Make sure to always have a bottle of water in your bag. If suddenly you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, it’s comes in handy if you have water with you. 
  • Defence weapon: Whether it is a knife or pepper spray, when you run into a creepy man, you want to be able to defend yourself. 


  • Make sure to check if everything works, so you won’t have to worry about standing still in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Check the trunk. Make sure there is nothing weird hidden in it. 
  • Just ask questions. If you don’t know how something works, don’t be shy to ask. 


When I was in Greece last year, I made this picture. I was walking down the beach with my mother and I had to take capture the view I had. 

The clear blue water, in combination with the palm trees surrounding the water lead to a beautiful view. There was no one around, so all you could hear was the waves crashing against the shore. It was a very peaceful and one of the most beautiful spots I had seen in Greece. If get the chance to visit Greece again, I will definitely go back to that place again. 


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You can find Eva on Instagram at @evaavanderveer

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