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A life changing adventure

Aan het eind van het eerste jaar moest ik een Engelse blogpost schrijven, je was vrij om de opdracht zelf te interpreteren. Ik heb er voor gekozen om te schrijven over mijn reis naar Afrika, die ik een paar weken daarna zou maken. Ik ben inmiddels ook bezig met een terug kijk post op de reis, er valt namelijk genoeg te vertellen. 🙂

A life changing adventure

Malawi. One of the poorest countries in Africa. But on the other hand, one with the nicest residents. Malawi has a population of 18,62 million people and the average income is seventy-five euros. Ridiculously low. In about three weeks, I’m going to Malawi. Together with a group of young people, I’m going to build a playground for the children there. We’ll also help the people in the field and provide help in the local hospital. On other days we will play with the children who live in the nearby villages. 

Why did I choose to go on this journey?

Me and three other friends of mine had this idea to go to Africa and do voluntary work. That idea was realized when in March 2018 we heard that the church we go to, was going to organize a trip to Africa with a group full of young people. We immediately were pretty excited and determined to go on the trip. There was going to be a selection, because there was just way more interest than room for people. We all got through, fortunately. And so, the journey began. 

I hope to see how different their world is, compared to ours. I like to make some kind of a difference for the Malawian people. By building them a playground I hope to give the children a piece of childhood we get to experience here. 

What do I expect?

I expect to experience a heavy trip, where we’ll see devastating things. I think I’m going to feel very small, to think that at the end of our trip I’ll leave on a plane to a better place and they have to stay here in that poor environment. I’m happy to have good friends around me on the trip, so we can express our feelings to each other and don’t bottle them up. 

I’m very excited and I can’t wait to see what Africa is going to bring me and how it’s going to change me. 

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